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Preston Reed
Student Assistant
University of Colorado Boulder
453 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0453
Phone: 303-735-5520

Preston Reed is the Student Assistant for Moe Tabrizi, the Campus Sustainability Director. Preston works on conservation and sustainability projects throughout campus. He strives to assist the University of Colorado at Boulder in its efforts to cut back on electricity and water usage, while increasing awareness of personal energy consumption.

Preston searches for ways to “green” CU including looking for ways to save wasted energy and taking preventative measures so that waste can be eliminated before it happens. One way that this happens is through energy audits with building proctors.  Building audits are easy to conduct and provide invaluable information for reducing energy use.  With every audit, the university saves money and reduces their carbon footprint.  

Preston also produces an annual report for the campus which summarizes electrical, water, and steam usage among other parameters. This report provides important information on the progress of CU’s goals, and where more effort should be focused for improvement. Additionally it identifies buildings on campus that are eligible for the Buff Energy Star Award.

Preston is a junior in the Environmental Design Program. His focus is in architecture and he plans on pursuing a masters in the Building Systems Engineering Program.