Election Offense Allegation Form

The campaign season has started! It is upto each campaign to make their voice heard on this campus and to make contact with students. It is additionally each campaigns responsibility to follow the election code and file complaints against parties that break the code. The Election Offense Allegation form is linked below and should be filled out and sent to the Commissioner ( within 48 hours of discovery of an offense. Please send any questions to the commissioner and understand that it is better to error on the side of caution and inform the commissioner as often as possible.

Additionally! Make sure to come to our Town Hall event this Wednesday 6:30-8:30 in HUMN 150. Free pizza from Boss Lady and a chance to talk to all the candidates for student government office!

Election Timeline

Click here for a PDF version

Time Before Action Date
7 weeks Petition packets available Monday, Feb. 20
4 weeks Candidate petitions due by 5 PM in the CUSG office Monday, Mar. 13
4 weeks Election code is finalized for the election Wednesday, Mar. 15
4 weeks Mandatory candidates meeting in HUMN 1B90 Wednesday, Mar. 15
4 Weeks Write-ins due by 5 PM Friday, Mar. 17
3 weeks Candidate bios due to CUSG by 5 PM Friday, Mar. 17
4 weeks Legislative Council bills for ballot measures must be final by 7 PM Friday, Mar. 17
3 weeks Student refeenda petitions due by 5 PM Tuesday, Mar. 21
3 weeks Town Hall debate in HUMN 150 Wednesday, Mar. 22
1 week Candidate Debate HUMN 150 Tuesday, Apr. 4
1 week Panhellenic Night CHEM 140 Wednesday, April 5
0 Days

Election begins 8 AM

Election ends 8 PM

Preliminary results available by 9 PM online and posted on the CUSG office door

Monday, April 10

Thursday, April 13

2 days

All information for election complaints filed by 8 PM


Saturday, April 15
4 days Expenditure reports due by 5 PM Monday, April 17
4 days

Runoff election, if needed

8 AM  to 5 PM

Monday, April 17
6 days Infraction tribunal hearings Wednesday, April 19
10 days Written opinions due 96 hours later Sunday, April 23
14/15 days

Appeals on Tribunal opinions by 5 PM

Appeals on Election Commission rulings by 5 PM

Thursday, April 27

Friday, April 28

24 day If appeals are rejected by cour or no decision is reached, the election is final. Sunday, May 7

ASSG Petition Packet

Representative-at-Large Petition Packet

Executive Petition Packet

For all positions it is best to review the most updated version of the Election CodeCUUFand the Appellate Court Bylaws

While the process may seem big and confusing, you can contact the election commissioner at for any help, guidance and insight you need on the process!

Click here to read the election code.

Due to the nature of this election, each candidate has been elected to serve as Representative-at-Large. Below are the election results by votes and percentage of the vote. A total of 530 ballots were cast.

Choice Votes %
Jesse Niebaum, Independent 265 23
Lucas Larson (UNITE) 251 22
Austin Rugh (UNITE) 239 21
Carter Mateer, Independent 198 17
Aidan Goldstein, Independent 197 17
I feel that no candidate is qualified and I wish to cast my ballot in favor of no candidate 38  

Check out more about leadership and involvement by looking into CU GOLD! Their Workshops in a Box are great ways to learn more about organizing in a student involvement setting.