Maggie Anderman Maggie Anderman
Health and Safety Chair
Jacob Anderson Jacob Anderson
Student Organization Allocations Committee (SOAC) Chair
Cullen Aulwurm Cullen Aulwurm
Sustainability Chair
Aaron Chesler Aaron Chesler
Election Commissioner
Hannah Daniel Hannah Daniel
Director of the Executive Office
Alexa Donner Alexa Donner
Greek Life Liaison
Cody Jackson Cody Jackson
International Student Liaison
Elijah Jennings Elijah Jennings
Veterans Liaison
Ashley Johnson Ashley Johnson
Homecoming and Athletics Chair
Christopher Kohl Christopher Kohl
Legislative Affairs Chair
Niklaus Levy Niklaus Levy
Student Organization Chair
Nurul MohdReza Nurul MohdReza
Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Virgil Nunan Virgil Nunan
Multimedia Chair
April Ollivier April Ollivier
Legislative Advisor
Megen Princehouse Megen Princehouse
Office Manager
Jack Rexroth Jack Rexroth
Director of Finance
Emily Starr Emily Starr
Director of Student Engagement
Kathryn Wacker Kathryn Wacker
Director of Public Relations
Sarah West Sarah West
Social Media Chair
Wesley Wood Wesley Wood
Graduate Student Liaison