Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence

Violence in America has reached epidemic proportions. Today, all Americans are touched directly or indirectly by violent acts. In response, the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence (CSPV), a research program of the Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS) at the University of Colorado at Boulder, was founded in 1992 to provide informed assistance to groups committed to understanding and preventing violence, particularly adolescent violence.

In an effort to establish more complete and valuable information to impact violence-related policies, programs, and practices, CSPV works from a multi-disciplinary approach on the subject of violence and facilitates the building of bridges between the research community and the practitioners and policy makers.


CSPV Announces Partnership with SafetyLit to Provide Access to Extensive Research on Safety and Violence

VioLit, CSPV's bibliographic database, which covers information about violence, primarily juvenile violence, from books, literature reviews, journal articles and reports, has been offline. In a new partnership with the SafetyLit Foundation, Violit records have been added to SafetyLit, a free online database focused on research relevant to preventing violence, unintentional injuries, and self-harm. Read more about the partnership here. To search the SafetyLit database, see:

Make a Call - Make a Difference: Partners Promote Safe2Tell to Break
the Code of Silence

Safe2Tell is an anonymous method to report concerns about personal or school safety established in collaboration with SCSS and the Colorado Attorney General's Office.

Safe2Tell video on Vimeo.

To report concerns, call Safe2Tell at 1-877-542-SAFE anytime, day or night.