How to Apply


Information about admission to the University of Colorado Boulder is provided by the Office of Admissions:

Intra University Transfers

The College also handles intra-university transfers, i.e., transfers from other schools and colleges within CU into the College of Engineering and Applied Science. 

Tuition & Fees

Undergraduate tuition and fees for each semester are based on a number of factors, including

  • the college in which a student is enrolled
  • the number of credit hours taken
  • the courses in which a student is enrolled
  • student residency/non-residency in the State of Colorado

The Bursar's Office handles most financial interaction between the University and its students, including that related to tuition and fees. They provide several particularly useful sites that help in determining undergraduate tuition and fees for specific cases:

Financial Aid

Information about scholarships and financial aid is provided by both the:


Information about housing is provided by the University of Colorado Office of Housing

Disability Services

The University of Colorado Boulder is committed to diversity and includes students with disabilities as one of the many groups that make up our campus community. A diverse community broadens our understanding and appreciation for the talents and contributions of each individual. Disability Services provides students with disabilities the tools, reasonable accommodations, and support services to fully participate in the academic environment.