Earning a Concurrent B.S./M.S. Degree

The BS/MS program is an opportunity for undergraduate students to start working on their MS degree while they are fulfilling the requirements of their BS degree. Specifically, undergraduate students admitted into this program will be allowed to use up to a maximum of 6 graduate units for both the BS and the MS degrees

This is a five-year degree program that leads to both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree at the end of the five years.


Students will be charged the undergraduate Engineering rate until they reach 145 hours. At that point they are charged the grad rate. See Tuition and Fees Rate Sheets for more information.


Applicants must have completed two 3000-level Computer Science courses on the Boulder campus.  A cumulative GPA of 3.50 or better is required to apply to this program. Very few exceptions will be granted on a case by case basis.

To apply for the program, students must submit the following:

  1. Application for Admission to the Concurrent Bachelor's/Master's Degree Program
  2. Computer Science BS/MS Application for Admission

Any supporting documentation that must be sent by regular mail should be addressed to

Computer Science Graduate Program
University of Colorado Boulder
430 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0430

Along with the applications, students must also submit:

  • Two letters of recommendation  from CU-Boulder Computer Science faculty members and
  • A short write up on why you are interested in pursuing the BS/MS degree

Contact Graduate Program Advisor Rajshree Shrestha for further information about admission to the program.

Application Deadlines

Deadlines for the concurrent BS/MS application are as follows:
Fall Semester: February 28
Spring Semester: October 15


For academic advising related to the concurrent BS/MS degree, contact Professor Dirk Grunwald.