Technical Reports

Finding a Computer Science Technical Report

Computer Science Technical Reports are now located in the University Library's central repository. To search for a Technical Report, please click on the call out box to the right. Technical reports can be searched by any author, title, and year.

Uploading a new Computer Science Technical Report

The process to publish a new Technical Report is outlined below:

  1. Students will send Technical Report to faculty advisor for review and approval.*
  2. Faculty advisor will approve Technical Report and create pdf version.**
  3. Faculty will send the pdf version of the Technical Report to the CU Librarian Andrew Johnson.
  4. Andrew will upload the pdf version and will let the faculty advisor know when this is done.***

*Only Faculty will have approval to send Technical Reports to the CU Library.

**Technical Reports numbers will no longer be assigned. 

***Faculty will be able to upload the Technical Reports directly to the CU Library repository in the near future.


Tech Reports