Computer Science

Congratulations to Ariel Aguilar, winner of the Colorado Engineering Council’s Silver Medal!

The Silver Medal is the highest honor for students from the CEC. Each department nominates their one top student, based not only on scholarship, but also on achievements and involvement in community or college service, leadership and research. Ariel is the first ever winner from the Department of Computer Science since the award was first established in 1963.

Leysia Palen and Kate Starbird

CU Boulder Computer Science Professor Leysia Palen and University of Washington Human Centered Design & Engineering Professor Kate Starbird have received a Best Paper award at the 2013 Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW) conference, which is taking place February 23-27 in San Antonio, Texas.

Charles Dietrich demonstrates using his laptop as a musical instrument

Computer Science doctoral student Charles Dietrich has created a new musical instrument incorporating a laptop and a camera. The instrument will make its debut in the next BLOrK concert March 2.

LineRate logo

Congratulations to CS PhD student John Giacomoni and Manish Vachharajani -- the company they founded (LineRate systems) has been sold to F5 Systems. Over the last few years, they raised $5M in capital and grew to 20 employees. F5 is an $8B networking company.

Mario Barrenechea presents at a computer science graduate student colloquium

Last semester, our graduate students launched their own Computer Science Graduate Student Colloquia. Each week a student gives a talk presenting their current research. These talks give students a friendly environment to practice their presentation skills and foster communication between the CS labs.

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Computer Science graduate students Sadie Zukowski, Rosalind O’Brien, Jeeeun Kim, and Abigale Stangl traveled to Switzerland in September to collaborate on the Project-Oriented Learning Environment (POLE) project.

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Swarm robots called "droplets"

CU-Boulder researchers are working to build a swarm of small robots that can work together to accomplish complex tasks. In the future, teams of intelligent robots could be deployed to tackle a number of challenging problems, from containing an oil spill to self-assembling into a piece of hardware after being launched into space.

Congratulations to Doug Smith and his team of CS students on their invitation to the ISC 2013 Cluster Competition! CU is the only US team to be invited to next year's international competition!  Doug has led our teams in every competition so far.

Assistant Professor of Computer Science and BioFrontiers faculty member, Debra Goldberg, sees computer science as truly interdisciplinary. Goldberg is a computer scientist by training and a teacher at heart. One of her favorite classroom tactics? Silence, which grabs the attention of sleepy students and pulls them back into the discussion.