Collage of robotic materials inspired by nature

Prosthetics with a realistic sense of touch. Bridges that detect and repair their own damage. Vehicles with camouflaging capabilities.

Tom Yeh and Aaron Clauset

This year, the College of Engineering and Applied Science has an unprecedented number of National Science Foundation CAREER award winners, with seven junior faculty earning this prestigious honor. Two of them – assistant professors Aaron Clauset and Tom Yeh – are from the Department of Computer Science.

Photo courtesy of BAFTA/Stephen Butler

When junior Tommy Hoffmann and his friends set out to create a video game for the Dare to Be Digital competition, they likely had no idea they would end up on stage at the BAFTA Games Awards, the gaming community's version of the Oscars. 

But that is exactly what happened. On March 12, 2015, team Overly Kinetic won the Ones to Watch Award at the prestigious ceremony in London.

Aaron Clauset

A study authored by assistant professor Aaron Clauset and recently published in Science Advances is getting a lot of attention, thanks to its revelation that the advantage of alma mater prestige in finding a faculty job is so great that it cannot be explained solely by a difference in educational quality between the universities. 

For the first time since its founding at CU-Boulder in 2002, the Topplers Domino Award opened to students from other universities for 2014-15. More than 100 students from 44 schools participated in the essay competition, but when the judging was complete, two of the three awards still came home to CU-Boulder.

Assistant professor Shaun Kane recently spoke with TeleRead about how a prototype he created could be used to make Kindle e-readers more accessible to visually impaired readers.  

Produce on a cart awaits delivery

Thanks to a scholarship from the Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation, junior computer science major Zach Doyle recently had the chance to expand his programming skills while giving back to a local nonprofit.

Assistant professor Aaron Clauset was interviewed recently for a BBC documentary entitled "Can Maths Combat Terrorism?" Clauset spoke about his research on statistical models and patterns in global terrorism. To listen, visit 

The Scalable Game Design Summer Institute brings STEM and language arts teachers from upper elementary, middle and high schools together at the University of Colorado Boulder campus to learn how to use game design for computer science education, and how to teach computational/critical thinking and problem solving literacy.