M.E. Dual Degree with EMP

Computer Science and Engineering Management have teamed up to offer an exciting dual degree for ME students.  The details are below.

A student who is pursuing the ME, Computer Science degree (Primary) and wishes to also obtain the ME, Engineering Management degree must complete the following requirements:

For ME/CS:

  1. Earn a B or better in 3 CSCI 5000 level course in the 9 areas in Computer Science (see MS/ME Breadth Requirement) to meet the breadth requirement
  2. Take an additional five elective graduate level Computer Science classes (15 credits) drawn from the remaining CSCI courses a for a total of 24 credits of CS coursework.
  3. Take the remaining 2 graduate level EMEN courses (6 credits) from the EMEN list below, except for EMEN 5000 and 5005.
  4. Earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 with no grades less than a C
  5. No courses may be transferred from other graduate schools or other programs, schools, and departments at the University of Colorado at Boulder, except as approved by the Computer Science Graduate Committee.


  1. Be admitted to the Engineering Management Program.
  2. Complete the following seven Engineering Management courses:
    1. EMEN 5010: Introduction to Engineering Management
    2. EMEN 5020: Finance and Accounting for Engineering Managers
    3. EMEN 5030: Project Management  or  EMEN 5031/CSCI 5608: Software Project Management
    4. EMEN 5040: Quality, Strategy, and Value Creation
    5. EMEN 5050: Leadership
    6. EMEN 5090: Technology Ventures and Marketing or EMEN 5900: Research Techniques in Engineering Management
    7. One EMEN elective course other than EMEN 5000 or EMEN 5005
  3. Successfully complete the Master’s Exam
  4. No courses may be transferred from other graduate schools or other programs, schools, and departments at the University of Colorado Boulder, except as approved by the Engineering Management Faculty Director.
  5. A minimum GPA of 3.0 with no grades less than a C+. Only one grade of “C+” can be applied toward the degree.
  6. Fifteen credit hours of courses at the 5000 level or above will be shared courses between both degrees with the exception of EMEN 5000 Engineering Analysis and EMEN 5005 Intro to Applied Statistics, which cannot be applied toward the Engineering Management degree.

Total Number of Credits

Students need to complete a total of 45 credits of graduate level course work. Out of these 45 credits 24 credits have to be CS courses and 21 credits have to be EMEN courses. A student pursuing CS ME(primary)/EMEN dual degree may use EMEN courses to fulfill the remaining 6 credits of course work after 24 CS credits.

Time Frame

Students get a total of FIVE years to complete the requirements of this Dual Degree. There are no residency requirements. Students may hold either part-time or full-time status during completion of this dual degree.


Students filling out the candidacy application for CSME/EMEN dual degree will have to include the 24 credits of CS coursework plus 6 credits of approved EMEN courses to come up with the required 30 credits of the CS/ME degree within the Dual Degree.