M.S & M.E. Breadth Requirement

Breadth Requirement

Computer Science Courses are listed in seven areas of research: artificial intelligence, computational biology, human-centered computing, numerical & scientific computing, programming systems & software engineering, systems & networking and theory of computing.   All students must earn a B or better (not a B-) in at least one 5000-level course (not 6000 or higher) in four of these seven areas (this does not include area 0).

Computer Science courses may be listed in more than one area of research. MS students need to meet their breadth requirement by taking four courses in four different areas. ME students need to meet their breadth requirement by taking three courses in three different areas. One course cannot count as breadth for two areas.

With the consent of the student's advisor or by petition to the Graduate Committee, a more advanced course (at CU) in an area in which basic graduate work was done elsewhere may be used to satisfy part of this requirement.  Below is a list of courses for each area of research.

Artificial Intelligence

Computational Biology

Human-Centered Computing

Numerical & Scientific Computing

Programming Systems & Software Engineering

Systems & networking 

Theory of Computing