Waiving CSCI 1300

Our introductory computer science course is CSCI 1300. The course is an introduction to program design and implementation using top-down design and the C++ programming language. There is little or no object-oriented programming required in the course, although some students do individual projects that use OOP. The topics that will be covered always include the following:

  • Introduction to programming in C++
  • Top down design
  • Writing functions
  • Call-by-value and call-by-reference parameters
  • Arrays
  • Reading and writing files
  • A brief introduction to pointers

If you are already an experienced programmer, then you may be able to successfully petition to skip CSCI 1300 and go directly into CSCI 2270. Note that while the requirement to take CSCI 1300 may be waived, no credit is actually granted for the course. By skipping CSCI 1300, you will later be required to take 4 credits from the computer science elective list which are courses 3000 level and above.

If you want to pursue skipping CSCI 1300, then you should begin the petition process by sending a CV that illustrates your knowledge of the items listed above to rhonda.hoenigman@colorado.edu.