Student Groups

There are a number of different student groups in the Department of Computer Science. Visit a group's website for more information on how to join. 

Computer Science Undergraduate Advisory Council (CSUAC)

CSUAC is composed of current Computer Science undergraduate students as well as other interested students who want to make improvements to the undergraduate Computer Science program.


InnovateCU started the website Interns2Startups, which aims to connect entreprenurial students with Colorado startup companies. It has also been instrumental in running the Startups to Students job fair that is held annually in the spring.

CS Graduate Student Colloquium

Each week a student from one of the different CS labs will discuss their current research.  These talks are geared to foster communication between the CS labs, help students learn about the research projects of each lab, and give students a friendly environment to practice their presentation skills. Students that receive a Department Travel Stipend will be encouraged to sign up and present at one of the talks after the funded event.  A sign-up sheet will be provided at the first event for anyone wanting to give a talk.

Pizza and refreshments will be provided after each presentation, and an award for the best talk will be given at the end of the academic year. For more information, please contact Graduate Student Social Committee chair Halley Profita at Halley.Profita@Colorado.EDU

The CU Game Developer's Club

is for students interested in video game programming, art, modeling, and design. During meetings, we work on club projects, present game development tutorials, help with members' personal projects, and sometimes just play games. Visit for more information. 

CU Hacking Club

Interested in Computer Security? Cryptography? Social Engineering? Hacking Competitions? Join the CU Hacking Club! We meet on a regular basis to discus a variety of computer security topics, techniques, and tutorials. Some of us also participate in various hacking competitions during the year. All skill levels and backgrounds welcome. Come learn about how computer systems can be attacked and what you can do to defend them. For more info or to stay up to date on our happenings, apply for membership to our mailing list at!forum/cu-hackers or email

CU Women in Computing (CUWIC)

CU Women in Computing (CUWIC) is the ACM-W chapter within the Computer Science Department at the University of Colorado Boulder. CUWIC is dedicated to supporting women and diversity in computing.

Bitcoin Club

The College Cryptocurrency Network (CCN) is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to forming a robust network of college clubs for cryptocurrency education, mining, trading and start-ups. Visit for more information. 

Computer Forge @ CU

Promotes software project collaboration and cloud computing. Any full-time student at CU Boulder can become a member. Some of the benefits of membership include: 

  • Post projects and contact each other on the CUCF site.
  • Get hosting privileges on our OpenStack cloud (great for hosting a website, testing remote software and project collaboration!)
  • Attend Computer Forge seminars to learn and implement knowledge on software development, including server implementation, scaling, security, databases and more.

If you are interested in becoming a member, check out the Computer Forge website or email group leader Eric Fossas.