Current Students

Please use the menus on the left to find out about the undergraduate and graduate programs in Computer Science, including degrees offered, degree requirements, timelines and variety of additional information.

The Department offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs:

Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program has several features that distinguish it nationally. One of these is a very successful year-long senior projects course, taken by nearly all majors, in which students work in teams on significant projects mainly submitted by industry. Another is a trailblazing High Performance Scientific Computing course sequence that has been adopted by many universities nation wide. The department has excellent Computer Science Educational Labs for its undergraduate students that are run almost entirely by the students and offer excellent opportunities for training in system administration.

Graduate Program

At the graduate education and research level, the department is one of the leading departments in the nation, as measured by the prominence of its research programs and the placement of its students. It has prominent research groups in human-computer interaction, machine learning, numerical and parallel computation, databases, networks, software engineering, systems, and theoretical computer science. Currently, its faculty and students are supported by approximately $4 million annually in research grants, primarily from federal agencies. In addition, the department has been the recipient of two consecutive five-year research infrastructure grants from the National Science Foundation, totaling roughly $5 million, and millions of dollars of grants for parallel computers. These grants have produced excellent computing facilities for research and graduate education.  

CU Foundation Program

The CS Department also sponsors the CS Foundation Program (CSFP). This program aims to create a unified educational experience across the core CS courses for all students, regardless of their background. The CSFP hosts a variety of projects, including providing all students with access to a standardized, virtualized CS development environment, providing regular walk-in peer tutoring hours in the CSEL, and providing extra lectures and additional instruction related to CS tools and topics not covered in the core classes.  Click here for a link to the site.