B.A. Degree Requirements

Core Curriculum Requirements

In addition to the requirements you must fulfill for the computer science BA, the College of Arts and Sciences requires you to complete approximately 46 semester hours of credit in the core curriculum.  Credits in the major may also apply toward these core hours. The core curriculum is designed to provide you with a broad education.  Courses in the core are distributed through three skills acquisition areas and seven content areas of study. Please refer to the A&S Core Curriculum for more details.

Computer Science-B.A. Flowchart

Computer Science-B.A. Major Information Packet

Skills Requirements

Foreign Language - 3 year of high school in one language

or 3rd semester univ level  

Quantitative Reasoning and Mathematical Skills

Satisfied by Calc 1

Written Communication

3 lower-division hours

Written Communication 

3 upper-division hours

Content Areas of Study

Semester Hours

Historical Context 3 semester hours
Human Diversity 3 semester hours
United States Context 3 semester hours
Literature and the Arts 3 lower-division hours
Literature and the Arts 3 upper-division hours
Contemporary Societies 3 lower-division hours
Ideals and Values 3 semester hours

Content Areas of Study - Natural Science Requirement

Semester Hours

Complete an approved two-course sequence

Complete an approved core lab course
Complete additional courses to make 13 credit hours
Natural Science Total 13 credits total

Computer Science Major Requirements

A student can earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science by completing the general requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences and the required courses listed below.

Computer Science B.A. Foundation

All courses required (12 credit hours)

Semester Hours

CSCI 1300: CS 1: Starting Computing (beginner) or

CSCI 1310: CS1: Starting Computing - Experienced

CSCI 2270: CS 2: Data Structures 4
CSCI 2400: Computer Systems 4

Complete one discrete math course(3 credit hours)

CSCI 2824: Discrete Structures 


MATH 2001: Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

(Does not count towards CS 42 credit hours)

APPM 3170:  Discete Applied Mathematics

(Does not count towards CS 42 credit hours)

Total B.A. Foundation 15

Computer Science B.A. Core

Complete four from the following (12-15)

CSCI 3002: User-Centered Design/Development 3
CSCI 3104: Algorithms 4
CSCI 3155: Programming Languages 4
CSCI 3202: Artificial Intelligence 3
CSCI 3287: Database Information Systems 3
CSCI 3308: Software Development Methods/Tools 3
CSCI 3434: Theory of Computation 3
CSCI 3656: Numerical Comptuation 3
CSCI 3753: Operating Systems 4
CSCI 4448: Object Oriented Analysis and Design 3

Computer Science B.A.

*Upper Division Computer Science Electives

3 to 4 Additional Upper Division Computer Science
Courses to meet the 42 credit hours requirement

*CSCI 4308, 4318 and 4950 excluded from approved list


Math Requirements

One of the following sequences:

 Semester Hours

APPM 1350-4/APPM 1360-4 8
MATH 1300-5/MATH 2300-5 10
MATH 1310-5/MATH 2300-5 10

One of the following courses:

Semester Hours

CSCI 2820: Linear Algebra with CS Applications 3
MATH 3130: Introduction to Linear Algebra 3
CSCI 3022: Introduction to Data Science Algorithms 3
MATH 3510: Probability and Statistics 3
MATH 4510: Introduction to Probability Theory 3
APPM 3310: Matrix Methods 3
APPM 3570: Applied Probability 3
APPM 4570: Statistical Methods 3
ECON 3818: Introduction to Statistics w/Computer Applications 4

B.A. 4 Year Curricula Plan

Students who take Calculus 1 in the fall semester of their first year, please see this tentative 4-year guide.

Students who take Pre-Calculus in the fall semester of their first year, please see this tentative 4-year guide.

For More Information

If you would like to speak to an advisor about the BA in CS degree program, contact Eva Lacy or Martin Black. Existing A&S students may also use the A&S advising website to schedule an appointment with Eva or Martin.

The undergraduate advisor can help you determine if computer science is the right major for you and advise you on degree requirements.  Be sure to check the University of Colorado at Boulder Catalog for college policies, procedures, and course listings.

You may also want to consult the student portal as well as the Faculty Course Questionnaire for further information about course offerings and faculty.  The BA course requirements was prepared on the basis of available information, course requirements are subject to change. Check with an advisor for final program approval.