Volunteer Programming Menu

Student volunteers are generally available during the day, evenings, and weekends. Below are some of the ways in which the CAPS Volunteers can support you and your students!

Stress Break

20-Minute Stress Break is a brief, volunteer-led program. The volunteers provide some quick tips and information on managing stress, and then guide students through a relaxation exercise.

College Knowledge

This is a 30-minute to 1-hour presentation on how to navigate various aspects of being a college student. Topics include: academic skills, self-care, creating a structure, getting connected in the CU community, and social aspects of college life.

Stress Your Best

This volunteer-led presentation is designed to help students address stress-related issues such as differentiating “good” stress from “bad” stress, identifying the role of stress in one’s life, and managing/reducing stress. It is available for classes, organizations, and groups and is approximately 30 minutes to one hour in length.

CAPS Promotion at Meetings, Events, Tabling

Our volunteers would be happy to come by for 5-20 minute presentations on CAPS, what we do, and how to access our services. They can also set up tables during information events or within residence halls and other buildings on campus with information about all of our services.

Interactive Tabling/Games – Topic Specific

Our volunteers can set up tabling events and programs around a specific topic such as: stress, academic skills, and adjustment, as well as other mental health and wellness issues. Our tabling events usually include something interactive such as trivia games, art stations, board games, and other activities.

Bulletin Board Preparation Support

Our volunteers created a series of downloadable and printable bulletin boards that are ready to put up. Topics include: tips on stress, tips on academics, adjustment to CU, and many more! We can also personalize boards for different departments and topics.

How to Help a Friend Series

Keep an eye out for our How to Help a Friend article that is published the second week of every month in CU Today. Each article focuses on a different wellness-related topic. Additionally, programs and events related to the topic are held around campus each month. Further information about helping a friend in need can be found on our Help a Friend page

Make-Your-Own Stress Ball

Using flour, a funnel, and a balloon, students can make their own stress ball!  The volunteers teach students how to make their own stress ball while giving out resources about stress and anxiety-This interactive activity is a great stress reliever and extremely fun!

The Roommate Challenge

Think you know your roommate, friend, or peer? Test your knowledge and learn more during this fun and energetic challenge! This activity, which involves an upbeat partner game, is perfect for residence halls and student organizations.