Apply to be a CAPS Peer Educator

CAPS Peer Educators are dynamic, positive individuals who are ready to make a significant contribution to the campus community.  The Peer Educator program requires a higher level of skill, experience and commitment than the volunteer program.  Peer Educators take a more active role in CAPS services through co-facilitating workshops and a group, taking the lead in outreach projects, and receiving more supervision and training.  They also participate in general volunteer meetings, trainings, and activities in addition to their peer educator responsibilities. Because of the additional time, training, and experience required, our peer educator program is considered an internship.

At this time, we anticipate having two Peer Educator positions open for the 2013-2014 Academic Year.  Applicants must have completed at least one semester as a CAPS volunteer to be eligible to apply.

“I love being a CAPS peer educator because I get to learn more about my future career. I have also done plenty of outreach; which leads me to believe that I could be making a difference in someone's life." —Jessica Levin, Peer Educator

What do Peer Educators do?

  • Attend all scheduled volunteer meetings and training sessions. This includes one hour of weekly group supervision and bi-weekly two hour peer educator/volunteer meetings which includes a specific training. Trainings will focus on mental health, diversity, and improving your role as a peer educator.
  • Serve as a Peer Coach for the Bounce Back program, a 10 week group for students on academic probation. As part of their role they will help lead discussions and exercises, teach academic skills, learn about group dynamics and begin to gain clinical experience, and help organize and facilitate presentations/workshops.
  • Each peer educator is in charge of one ongoing year-long outreach project around a specific topic or targeting a specific campus community, for example: outreach to the business school, residence halls programming, student organization outreach etc.
  • Develop skills in leadership, professionalism and networking by working closely with the CAPS staff and taking on leadership roles in the volunteer program.

If you are a current or former CAPS volunteer who is interested in applying to be a Peer Educator, please email for more information.