Volunteers and Peer Educators

Students Making a Difference: CAPS Volunteer & Peer Educator Programs

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Volunteers and Peer Educators are undergraduate students with an interest and motivation to make a positive impact on the campus community.  They represent a variety of majors, backgrounds, and career interests. They are all passionate about promoting our counseling and educational services as a way to improve students’ wellness and mental health.  See them in action around campus and on the web.

Meet the Volunteers!

Volunteer Group Photo

Our volunteers bring a student perspective (and a lot of energy!) to our events, workshops, and advertising efforts.  You may have noticed them at a CAPS event wearing light blue t-shirts and spreading the message “You’re not the only one who feels this way.”  If you see them out on campus, feel free to ask them about CAPS services!

I appreciate the inclusive community within CAPS. The volunteer program provides some great resources for reaching out to the university to advocate for mental health. Beyond that, volunteering has given me valuable information about pursuing a career in Counseling.” -Madeleine Kennan, CAPS Volunteer

Meet the Peer Educators!

Peer Educators posing with Chip

Our Peer Educator internship program provides talented undergraduates with an opportunity to develop more advanced clinical and outreach skills.  Each peer educator co-facilitates an ongoing group with a staff counselor over the course of the year, receiving valuable supervision and training in the process. They also develop and implement an independent outreach program in an area of interest, allowing them to make a big impact on a campus issue. In addition to their Peer Educator duties, they also serve as general volunteers and provide support at many of our events.  We are fortunate to have four amazing peer educators this semester!

“Put simply, CAPS has truly shaped the person that I am today. I've had the opportunity to outreach to the CU community, receive multiple trainings, and work side-by-side with CAPS staff. From all my experiences through CAPS, I now have the motivation, determination, and skills I need in order to pursue a career in counseling” -Erica Rozbruch, Peer Educator

Interested in becoming a CAPS Volunteer or Peer Educator?

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