Satellite Offices

Counselor meeting staff member at SORCETo make our services as accessible as possible, we have counselors available in various sites across the CU campus for a dedicated period of time each week to provide support and consultation services.  Having counselors available in these sites makes it convenient for staff and students to consult about student concerns and makes referring easier when students have more of a sense of familiarity with a trusted “go to person.”

Veteran Services

Veteran Services supplements the recruitment and retention of veterans to the Boulder Campus.

Liaison: Matthew Tomatz, LPC
Satellite Hours:  Thursdays from 2-3 PM
Location: C4C S482
Services: Matt provides weekly office hours held in the Veteran Services office where he is available for consultation and conversation. Some veterans have used this time to seek support in learning study skills, relaxation skills, or to learn about counseling services at CU. You might also find Matt at different programs and events for veterans throughout the academic year.