Campus Liaisons Listing

Please refer to this list to find your CAPS Liaison

Student Affairs Division and Student Group Liaisons
Career Services Andrea Iglesias, Psy.D. & Lisa Boyle, MSW, LCSW
Center for Multicultural Affairs (CMA) Frank Kim, Ph.D.
Community Health Andrea Iglesias, Psy.D.
CU Student Government (CUSG) Karen Raforth, Ph.D.
Disability Services Corey Levy, Psy.D. & Glenda Russell, Ph.D.
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Resource Center (GLBTQRC) Glenda Russell, Ph.D.
Health and Wellness Team Karen Raforth, Ph.D.
Multicultural Greek Council Andrea Iglesias, Psy.D.
PanHellenic Council Lisa Boyle, M.S.W.
Orientation Karen Raforth, Ph.D.
Parent Orientations Karen Raforth, Ph.D.
Radio 1190 Stephen Koelemay, Psy.D.
Recreation Center Mya Bethune, Ph.D. & Dorothy Moon, Psy.D.
Religious Campus Organizations (RCO) Dorothy Moon, Psy.D.
Office of Student Conduct (OSC) and Restorative Justice Matthew Tomatz, MA, LPC, CACIII
Student of Concern Team (SOCT) Jesus Sanchez, Ph.D.
Student Outreach Retention Center for Equity (SORCE) Andrea Iglesias, Psy.D.
Veteran Services Matthew Tomatz, MA, LPC, CACIII
Women's Resource Center (WRC) Dorothy Moon, Psy.D.
Wardenburg Health Center (WHC) Karen Raforth, Ph.D.


Academic Affairs Division Liaisons
Arts & Science Advisors Corey Levy, Psy.D.
Business Jesus Sanchez, Ph.D., Andrea Iglesias, Psy.D. & Karen Raforth, Ph.D.
Chemistry Lisa Boyle, MSW, LCSW
Clinical Psychology Glenda Russell, Ph.D. & Frank Kim, Ph.D., MSW
Education Lisa Boyle, MSW, LCSW
Engineering Mya Bethune, Ph.D. & Dorothy Moon, Psy.D.
Environmental Design Program Jesus Sanchez, Ph.D.
Ethnic Studies Frank Kim, Ph.D.
Faculty Teaching Excellence Program Andrea Iglesias, Psy.D. & Glenda Russell, Ph.D.
Geography Jesus Sanchez, Ph.D.
Germanic & Slavic Languages Dina Matic Kriakova, Ph.D.
Graduate Programs Karen Raforth, Ph.D. & Glenda Russell, Ph.D.
I-PHY Jesus Sanchez, Ph.D.
Journalism and Mass Communication Stephen Koelemay, Psy.D.
Law Stephen Koelemay, Psy.D.
Math Frank Kim, Ph.D.
Miramontes Arts & Science Program (MASP) Glenda Russell, Ph.D.
Music Matthew Tomatz, MA, LPC, CACIII
Nutrition Mya Bethune, Ph.D.
Office of International Education & International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) Dina Matic Kriakova, Ph.D.
President's Leadership Program Stephen Koelemay, Psy.D.
Sociology Noreen Zaman, Ph.D.
Speech, Language & Hearing Dina Matic Kriakova, Ph.D.
Student in Transition Center Andrea Iglesias, Psy.D.
Theatre & Dance Corey Levy, Psy.D.
Women & Gender Studies Noreen Zaman, Ph.D.
Writing and Rhetoric Lisa Boyle, MSW, LCSW


Outreach, Diversity, Equity, Community Engagement (ODECE) Division Liaisons
CU LEAD Alliance Andrea Iglesias, Psy.D.
Student Academic Success Center (SASC) Frank Kim, Ph.D., MSW


Administration Division Liaisons
CU Police Department Matthew Tomatz, MA, LPC, CACIII
Faculty/Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) Karen Raforth, Ph.D.
Human Resources Karen Raforth, Ph.D.
Office of Discrimination and Harassment (ODH) Karen Raforth, Ph.D.