Oasis has been a great experience to meet like-minded people living a substance-free lifestyle. The meetings tend to go beyond superficiality and engage students in deep, meaningful conversation. Oasis is a safe place to share important aspects and situations of life and to know that everyone is just there to build each other up and be a positive encouragement. – S.

My sober lifestyle is a radical departure from the life I experienced under the influence of alcohol and drugs. I drank heavily and used hard drugs for about 7 years. In the beginning, my drinking and using behavior replicated the patterns of my peers, and it did not seem to pose a threat to myself or others. However, I soon found myself unable to control my consumption, and my world slowly crumbled around me. Meaningful relationships slipped away, jobs were lost, my physical health declined rapidly, and my run-ins with the police were at an all time high. I quickly became a shell of a person with an overwhelming sense of emptiness. And although it was blatantly obvious that I had a problem with alcohol and drugs, I could not stop the behavior on my own. I finally conceded to accepting help for my problem, in an attempt to escape the slow death that comes from a lifestyle centered around to alcohol and drugs. I started to build a network of sober folks who knew exactly what it was like to be in the grips of problem drinking and drugging. Not only did I learn how to stay away from drugging and drinking, but the major component of my sobriety entailed changes in my lifestyle and my thought process. I now feel satisfied with my life, and I can experience pure joy again – the sort of happiness that was unknown to me during my drinking/drugging days. Being a part of Oasis and having a circle of sober friends helps me know that I’m not alone, and I do all that I can to help others who are struggling with the same issues I once faced. – C.

Oasis has been more than a venue to meet other people in the pursuit of wellbeing, Oasis has been a multi-dimensional approach to help me overcome my personal challenges and shape my life into a healthier and full life. I have found Oasis to be an inclusive group to encourage growth to a healthier lifestyle that focuses on physical, social, and spiritual wellbeing. It is not just the serious matter of health, but the light-hearted and positive conversations that I have grown to look forward during the meetings. – S.

I think Oasis is aptly named. College is an intense, sometimes stressful place; it’s pretty common to turn to things that bring harm on a person in that kind of circumstance. Oasis is a place to take a break, a step back, and for me, to see what I can do about living the life more like I want it to be. - J.

Sobriety can be challenging and lonely sometimes. Oasis for me is a place where I can find support and feedback from honest people. I can have meaningful discussions about the tribulations of life while enjoying a cup a mate’ [tea], and relate on a deeper level. It's comforting to know that I'm not alone in my decision to lead a sober life. It's also a place for me to reconnect and step back from myself, which has become vital in my busy life. - N.