Maté Social Circles

Oasis invites you to share maté and join our community circle (Fridays at 3 PM in the UMC Room 102). During the community circle, we use the traditional South American beverage maté to create a simple social ritual and develop dynamic community and conversation. This uplifting ritual is used to cultivate an inclusive community of mutual support and to foster rich relationships.

These circles follow a loose format. After taking a moment to settle the space, we use a playful question to inspire creative answers and cultivate familiarity. The answers are used as a means of introduction, sharing, and building connections. We use a quote to initiate conversation, which guides our conversation towards many rich topics. Participants are welcome to share as much they are comfortable with sharing. All this takes place while we drink maté (or enjoy a favorite tea of your choice).

When and where does the Oasis Community Circle Happen?

During the academic year, we meet Fridays at 3pm, on a weekly basis, at the University Memorial Center (UMC), Room 102.

What do the community circles entail?

The Oasis community circle lasts one hour. In that time, we discuss issues pertaining to our personal recovery, commitment to sobriety, and many others topics that pertain to life.  The conversation is broad and lively. We make social connections and talk about whatever is on our minds. Our community circles are laid back, and everyone is encouraged to freely participate, if that is what is desired. If one simply wants to listen and enjoy the lively conversation, as some of our members often choose to, that is just as well.

Do I have to commit to sobriety?

We offer a place where people can explore their relationships with alcohol and drugs. Our community circle is a sober event and we ask that you respect this boundary. Since many members have committed to sobriety, we wish to keep our community circles a safe environment. To that end, do not attend the circle if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

In terms of a decision to be sober, we know that it takes each individual time to make such a big choice. It may be that your involvement with Oasis is a matter of reducing your use or having a place to go to connect with others and avoid the party for a day. We will support you no matter what you choose.

Those in recovery and those who have chosen a sober lifestyle for personal reasons are equally welcome. You are also welcome if you don’t use or have never used drugs or alcohol, or if you merely want to experience a sober evening and see another side to life. Oasis is a great way to make connections through means other than drugs or alcohol and is open to anyone who has a desire to live well.

For now, come and join us. Explore our community and sobriety. You may be surprised what you find.

Get Connected

For more information or to request to be added to the Oasis listserv, contact Matthew Tomatz,, (303) 492-1397.

Get Involved with the Community

The Sober Social Club - Many of those who attend the Oasis community circles are often interested in being socially involved with others living sober lifestyles and also giving back to the community. Students who wish to do so are invited to join the Sober Social Club (SSC). The SSC promotes sober lifestyles on campus by hosting activities and events in collaboration with CAPS and the CU Collegiate Recovery Center. The SSC is also a fantastic way to make great friends who enjoy having a wild time without drugs and alcohol.

The CU Collegiate Recovery Center (CUCRC) provides a home for the sober community on the CU-Boulder campus and support for those in recovery from alcohol or drug use and other addictive behaviors.  It is open to all who are in recovery or choosing sobriety/abstinence, and to those who are supportive of the recovery community. Click here for more info.

Common Concerns Prior to Attending Oasis and their Resolutions

Will I be pressured into becoming sober if I go to Oasis or the CUCRC?

The simple answer is, no. The core members of the Oasis community circle, SSC members, and the hosts at the CUCRC are nearly all aligned with the philosophy of, “live and let live.” The Oasis community circle in particular is a place where we discuss a very broad range of topics; the sobriety element is simply the common ground that we share. As long as you are not currently intoxicated or under the influence during a community circle, anyone is welcome to attend.
If any individual is seeking help coping with or finding support leading a sober life however, we have many resources [Link] to help accomplish that goal.

Do I have to be a recovering addict to be in the CU Collegiate Recovery Center or Oasis?

No. The CUCRC has come to be a lounge and study place for many individuals, including a significant number of students who have chosen sober lifestyles for personal reasons and who may have never used drugs or alcohol or had a substance use disorder.

Is the Oasis group therapy or treatment?

No.  Many find the community circle to be a supportive and healing environment but it is not a therapy or treatment program. Students who are looking for treatment resources can click here.