Maté Social Circles

Oasis invites you to share maté and join our community circle (Fridays at 3 PM in the UMC Rm 102). On most Fridays, we use the traditional South American beverage maté to create a simple social ritual and develop dynamic community and conversation. This uplifting ritual is used to cultivate an inclusive community of mutual support and to foster rich relationships.
These circles follow a loose format. After taking a moment to settle the space, we use a playful question to inspire creative answers. The answers are used as a means of introduction, sharing, and building connections. We use a quote to initiate conversation, which can include almost anything. Participants are welcome to share as much as makes them feel comfortable. All this takes place while we drink maté (or enjoy your favourite tea).

When does Oasis meet?

During the academic year, we meet Fridays at 3pm, on a weekly basis, at the University Memorial Center (UMC), Room 102.

What do the meetings entail?

Our meetings last one hour. In that time, we discuss issues pertaining to our personal recovery, commitment to sobriety, and many others topics that pertain to life.  The conversation is broad and lively. We make social connections and talk about whatever is on our minds. Our meetings are laid back, and everyone is encouraged to freely participate, if that is what is desired. If not, that’s cool too.

What we are not?

We are not purists.
We are not any weirder than you.
We are not zealots.

What we are?

We are cool.
We are normal.
We are committed students.
We are driven toward success.
We are interested in connecting and having fun.
We like the outdoors.
We are students who have fun without drugs and alcohol.

What we will not do?

We will not preach to you.
We will not shame you.
We will not push you or rush you.
We will not judge you.

What we will do?

We will accept you for who you are and where you are in your life.
We will support you in your efforts to live your best life.
We will let you move at your own pace.
We will expect that you participate in our events sober.

Oasis is interested in giving back.

It is not enough to only have a community of support. We recognize that our little group is part of a much larger whole, and we want to contribute to this whole. As such, we present outreach presentations to the University community. We talk with other students about drug and alcohol use. We support students trying to make healthy changes in their lives. We tell our stories to help others understand that it is possible to live a healthy and sober lifestyle with meaningful social connections.

If you join Oasis, you will have the chance to help create a difference.

Why should I join Oasis?

Because you might not want to drink or smoke or whatever. You might just want to hang out with us and feel good that you are not doing drugs or alcohol. You may want to feel better in the morning. Many of us are working an active recovery program and it feels good to meet with other CU students who are in recovery. If you want to learn from our experience, come and tell us your story. We will listen and share ours.

In Oasis, you will join a community. A group where you can feel free to challenge your beliefs about alcohol and drugs. You will join a place where NOT "everybody does it." Because we don't. You will join a place where we are trying to figure it out, life that is. Join us on this search, have some fun, and help us make CU a better place.

How would joining Oasis make me a part of a revolution?

On one level, Oasis is about culture change. Oasis is promoting a dynamic shift in culture. We are challenging the norm of needing to drink to have fun. We are standing up against the belief that CU has to be a party school. We are suggesting that we can respect ourselves and our education in a new way. We believe that life is more rewarding when you learn to have meaningful connections without alcohol or drugs dominating the scene.

Too many CU students graduate and say, "I regret that I only made drinking buddies."

In Oasis, we reject this idea and believe we can make lasting and substantive connections.

Revolutionary, eh? This lifestyle is certainly outside the established public perception of what it means to be a college student, but it is our belief that a sober way of living is entirely compatible with college life. Many of us would not wish to have it any other way!

Do I have to commit to sobriety?

We offer a place for people to explore their relationships to alcohol and drugs. Our functions and meetings are sober events, and we ask that you respect this boundary. Since many members have committed to sobriety, we wish to keep our meetings a safe environment.

In terms of a decision to be sober, we know that it takes each individual time to make such a big choice. It may be that your involvement with Oasis is a matter of reducing your use or having a place to go to connect with others and avoid the party for a day. We will support you no matter what you choose.

For now, come and join us. Explore our community and sobriety. You may be surprised what you find.