Campus Community

Our goal at CAPS is to enhance the success of all students at the University of Colorado.  We do that by the twin objectives of providing both remediation and prevention through direct and indirect services to students.  The direct services focus on specific students or groups of students, and they frequently are intended to ameliorate a problem that has already begun.  In some cases, direct services are aimed at offering individual students or groups of students specific competencies or skills, relief from symptoms or psychoeducational information.  Indirect services, by contrast, are designed to have an impact on the larger context in which students live and learn.

These services are intended to contribute to an environment that actively promotes the well-being and competence of all members of the University community.  Indirect services have the benefit of working to reduce the presence of problems before they occur or to reduce the negative impact and spread of problems that have occurred.  In keeping with the perspective that regards the University as a living community, CAPS takes the approach that our staff need to monitor and be vitally engaged in all aspects of the campus community.  This engagement allows staff to know what stresses and strains exist in the community as quickly as possible, and even to anticipate the occurrence of stresses and strains before they occur.   This holistic view of the community also allows staff to plan and implement interventions at multiple levels and with an eye to anticipating unintended consequences of interventions or events on or off campus that impact the community.Group of students leaving a resident hall

In support of this perspective which views the broader campus as a constituent, each CAPS staff member serves as a liaison to a variety of many academic, residence life and student affairs departments (see staff profiles for more info).  Additionally, CAPS brings support and consultation services into the community through our Satellite offices and Counselor-in-Residence program. These community connections help us personalize our services to meet the needs of the unique departments with which we interact and it allows our campus partners to build a personal relationship with someone at CAPS to whom they could turn in times of crisis, or when they need consultation or training.  Furthermore, CAPS staff provide a variety of prevention and outreach services on campus, such as workshops, presentations and mental health screenings as ways of educating the community about topics related to mental health and well-being.  And, of course, CAPS collaborates with other first responders on campus such as colleagues in the Office of Victim Assistance, Department of Housing and CU Police to respond in a timely fashion to critical incidents which occur on campus

For more information about how we can support your department or the needs of the broader campus, contact our office at 303-492-6766 and ask to speak with one of our staff members.  We look forward to partnering with you!