Fall 2015 Groups and Workshops

If you are interested in participating in any of the groups listed below, please contact Stephen Koelemay, Psy.D. (stephen.koelemay@colorado.edu)

Skills Oriented Groups

These workshops are open to all UCB students without charge. 

Keep Your Calm

This is a 4-part series designed to help you make a change in your life by examining your thoughts, actions, and emotions. You will learn to get unstuck from your thoughts, to understand and work with your emotions, to use your body posture for positive change, and much more. There’s no better time than now to learn skills to deal with stressful situations and overwhelming emotions. 

Buff Up Your Academic Skills

This is a 4-part series, rich with information to help you succeed academically. We will target specific skills like note taking, studying, and exam preparation. We will also help you  discover your learning style and create a schedule that works for you. It’s never too late to learn strategies to boost your academic performance. 

Therapy Groups

These groups require a pre-group meeting. Contact Stephen.Koelemay@colorado.edu to schedule an appointment.

Understanding Self and Others

This group provides a supportive space for students to deepen self-understanding and to explore ways of relating more comfortably to others. This group is also designed to help  students learn to deal with feelings of depression and anxiety, family dynamics, and other personal concerns.

Men's Group

Connect with other men to gain the support and inspiration you need. We explore all the things we face as men, including: relationships, social dynamics, troublesome behaviors, hopes and dreams, work and life direction, and masculinity in general.

Bounce Back

This class is for students on academic probation (AP), who are close to being on AP, or who are working towards reinstatement. Improve your academic skills and rebuild your confidence while connecting with others in the same boat. Learn about time management, study skills, and how to deal with procrastination.

For more information, check out our Bounce Back page.

Graduate Students Workroom

These groups are open to graduate students without charge or advance sign-up. Join at any time.

Dissertation Working Group

This is an on-going workgroup for graduate students who have passed their comprehensive exams and are engaged in any part of the dissertation process. It is a  supportive place to set and achieve goals that will move you concretely toward the completion of your dissertation.
For more information, contact Glenda.Russell@colorado.edu

Wellness Studio

These classes are open to students, faculty, and staff without charge or advance sign-up. Join at any time.

Tai Chi

This class will utilize Tai Chi exercises as a way to release stress and increase a sense of calmness. It is intended to facilitate physical and psychological wellness, as well as to  increase your awareness of how stress impacts your daily life, health, and emotional well-being. Most sessions will take place in C4C S350.

Feel Good Fridays

Need a break? Want to unwind before the weekend? This drop-in group is an opportunity to be led through a powerful guided meditation to undo your stress, soothe your nervous system, and feel good. Please arrive on time so the meditation is not disturbed - there will be no late admittance. You are encouraged to bring materials for your personal comfort and to aid in your meditation, e.g., yoga mat, small cushion or pillow. All groups will take place at the CU Art Museum Visual Arts Complex.

Community Support

This support group is open to all UCB students without charge or advance sign-up. Join at any time.


Oasis invites you to join our community circle. We use the traditional South American beverage maté to create a simple social ritual that helps us develop dynamic community and  conversation. Join this inclusive community for connection, encouragement, and support in sobriety. For more information, check out the Oasis page.

Groups Offered By Request

If interested in one of these groups, please contact Stephen.Koelemay@colorado.edu

Get It Done

Having trouble getting things done? Easily distracted? Putting things off to the bitter end? In this group, you will learn skills to help you overcome procrastination and low motivation. Take this chance to complete the things you need to get done while moving in the direction you want to go. 

Quirky Solidarity

Do you have trouble interpreting social cues, tone of voice or facial expressions? This is a group for students who are gifted with patterns, but not so much with people. Topics focused on group members’ needs.

Women's Group

This group is for women who want to focus on increasing self-awareness and examining how patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving are influencing their relationships with others.