Stress Management Techniques


It is important to try to manage stress in a healthy way that will be helpful in the long run. People often try to reduce stress in ways that will actually end up increasing stress in the long term. Offer these following tips to your friend to help them manage stress in a healthy way.

Take care of your body. Eat regular meals and focus on nutrition instead of indulging in “junk food.” Taking care of one’s body will help one manage stress.

Sleep Regularly. Get the amount of sleep that makes you feel good, not too much or too little. Try to keep a consistent sleep schedule.

Exercise. Exercise makes you feel good! Stretch. Move. Breathe.

Center Yourself. Engage in activities that relax you. Meditate. Breathe.

Get Outside. Go for a walk or hike. Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

Get Creative. Find something creative that you enjoy. Paint, draw, take pictures, play music.

Write It Down. This will help you be organized and clear your thoughts. Journal your experiences. Make “to-do” lists.

Change your Schedule. Simplify your life if you are feeling over committed, or increase your responsibilities if you feel bored. Boredom can also be stressful.

Involve Others in Your Life. Talk to family or friends or seek extra support from a counselor or mentor.

Generate Success. Do at least one thing a day to make yourself feel competent and in control. Mastery leads to self-confidence and makes you more resistant to negative emotions.