Top 5 Suicide Myths & Realities


Myth #1: “Confronting a person about suicide will only make them angry and increase the risk of suicide.”

Reality: Asking someone directly about suicidal intent lowers anxiety, opens up communication and lowers the risk of an impulsive act.

Myth #2: “People that are suicidal want to die.”

Reality: The majority of people that are suicidal do not want to die, rather they want to avoid pain and cannot see any other solutions.

Myth #3: “People that talk about suicide are only looking for attention and won’t actually attempt suicide.”

Reality: People who talk about suicide may try, or even complete an act of self-destruction. All clues and signs should be taken seriously!

Myth #4: “Once a person decides to complete suicide, there is nothing anyone can do to stop them.”

Reality: Suicide is the most preventable kind of death, and almost any positive action can instill hope and save a life. If people in crisis get the help they need, they will probably never be suicidal again.

Myth #5: “Only experts can prevent suicide.”

Reality: Suicide prevention is everybody’s business and anyone can help prevent the tragedy of suicide.

In the case of an emergency call 911.
If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide get help now.
Call CAPS: 303-492-6766 or PHP: 303-492-5654