How Do You Know If Your Friend Needs Support?


Welcome to How to Help a Friend with alcohol and other drugs. College is a time where alcohol and drugs are often present. It can be difficult to know when it is time to extend a hand, have a conversation, and help a friend. To find out if its time, ask yourself the following questions.

How does it affect YOU?

Do you worry about your friend’s use on a regular basis?  
Do you often take care of your friend because of their alcohol or drug use?
Have you felt embarrassed or hurt by something they said or did while intoxicated?
Do you worry about the way your friend uses drugs/alcohol and what they do as a consequence?

How does it affect your FRIEND?

Does your friend drink only to get drunk?
Has your friend been unable to remember things they said or did while drinking?
Has your friend ever received medical care for something related to drinking or drug use?
Is your friend doing dangerous or illegal things because of drugs or alcohol?
Has your friend wanted to cut down on drinking or drug use?
Does your friend drink to steady their nerves or to get rid of a hangover?
Are drugs or alcohol affecting your friend's academic performance?
Does your friend drink to escape from or to cope with problems, stress or painful feelings?

The more times you answer “Yes” to each statement, the more likely it is that your friend may need some support.

Check out: How to Talk to Your Friend about Alcohol and Drugs, Tips from CU students, and Alcohol and Other Drug Resource page for support on helping your friend with alcohol and other drugs.