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96 hour sobriety challenge, can you do it?

We are offering this sobriety challenge to the university community (students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and community members) to encourage exploration of what life has to offer when you approach it in a sober state. We challenge you to pledge to a 96-hour period of sobriety while offering a weekend full of lively events.

Why take a sobriety challenge?

Why not?! Some folks get so wrapped up in the “party scene” that every weekend becomes fueled by alcohol and/or drugs. For others, that one beer or glass of wine is used habitually and without much thought. Try to break from your norm and see what life is like without alcohol or drugs.  Use this weekend to discover new activities and opportunities for connection. Challenge yourself to a fun weekend free of alcohol, marijuana, and drugs. Can you do it? How hard would it be? What can you learn about yourself, your choices, and your relationship to alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs?

More Reasons

  • Step back and explore your relationship to drugs and alcohol
  • Gain insight into your behaviors
  • Discuss substance abuse across the CU Community
  • Support others who are taking the pledge or who live a sober lifestyle
  • Explore alternatives to the party scene
  • Try something different
  • Give your body a break
  • Be part of something cool
  • To Live Free!


  1. Tell someone else that you are taking this challenge so it becomes more real. (This might sound like, "I am taking that sobriety challenge this weekend and will not use any alcohol, marijuana or illegal drugs")
  2. Buddy up - no need to do it alone.
  3. Make a plan for the weekend; consider what you need to do to stay away from the venues where you normally partake in drug or alcohol use.
  4. Come to the events organized by the event sponsors, or plan your own sober activities.
  5. Commit to taking the pledge (Individual or Group) by completing the short web form.
  6. Challenge others to take the challenge, too.
  7. Challenge groups or clubs you are a member of to take the challenge.
  8. Have your group, organization, department, club or sports team challenge another to take the pledge. Make it a competition.
  9. Have a great weekend!

Even More Reasons from the CU Community

  • "I would like some time off from drinking to prove to myself that I don't need to drink or smoke to have fun."
  • "To help some of my other friends live free for the weekend."
  • "To challenge myself."
  • "In solidarity with those in my life who have struggled with substance use."
  • "Everyone should try and stay away from drugs and alcohol every now and then to remember all the fun things there are to do sober. I'm excited to participate in this opportunity."
  • "As I get older, I need alcohol less and less, but my social life is still very tied to it.  It's good to be sober on a weekend to prove it is not an addiction and to recognize you can balance a little bit of what you enjoy without overusing it."
  • "My body has been really feeling the toll of alcohol lately. It will be nice to have a weekend where I don't have to deal with being hangover and also I am excited for the fun free events that campus is offering."
  • "I want to challenge myself and also support the growing community of individuals on our campus who choose to live a sober lifestyle."
  • "Since I started smoking marijuana nearly 10 years ago, I have never taken a break for longer than a few days. I would like to take this opportunity to be drug and alcohol free for benefit of myself and my personal health. Changes need to be made."
  • "I am suffering from motivation problems in my research career and I would like to see if I can get my groove back by getting and staying sober."

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