Fall 2013 Groups & Workshops

Skills Groups


These are informal, short-term groups that teach practical, life skills for everyday success.

Keep Your Calm


In this workshop, you will learn different ways to manage your anxiety and/or depression through cognitive-behavioral strategies and mindfulness. This group meets once a week for 4 weeks, attendance to all 4 weeks is required. Advance registration is required; please fill out this survey to sign up.

Mondays             2:30-4:00 PM      Begins Sept 23   Noreen.Zaman@colorado.edu

Tuesdays             10:30 AM-Noon                Begins Oct 22     Noreen.Zaman@colorado.edu

Wednesdays      1-2:30 PM            Begins Oct 30     Dorothy.Moon@colorado.edu

Thursdays           3:30-5:00 PM      Begins Oct 3       Karen.Raforth@colorado.edu

Buff Up Your Academic Skills


This workshop will help you learn or brush up on your skills for a successful academic year. This group meets once a week for 4 weeks, attendance to all 4 weeks is required. Advance registration required; please fill out this survey to sign up.


    Session One: Time Management and Procrastination

    Session Two: Learning Styles/Study Skills

    Session Three: Test Prep/Test Anxiety

    Session Four: Stress/Finding Balance


Mondays             3:30-5 PM            Begins Oct 28     Corey.Levy@colorado.edu

Tuesdays             3-4:30 PM            Begins Sept 24   Corey.Levy@colorado.edu

Wednesdays      12:30-2 PM         Begins Sept 18   Lisa.Boyle@colorado.edu

Thursdays           10:30 AM - 12 PM             Begins Oct 17     Lisa.Boyle@colorado.edu

Get It Done


Having trouble getting things done? Easily distracted? Putting things off to the bitter end? In this group, you will learn skills to help you overcome procrastination and low motivation. Take this chance to complete the things you need to get done while moving in the direction you want to go. This group meets once a week for 3 weeks, attendance to all 3 weeks is required. Advance registration required; please fill out this survey to sign up.


    Session One: Debunking the myth of motivation and learning to focus the mind.

    Session Two: Increasing motivation through clarifying values and making commitments.

    Session Three: Working through barriers to success.


Tuesdays             4-5:00 PM            Begins Oct 29     Matthew.Tomatz@colorado.edu

Wednesdays      11:00 AM - 12 PM             Begins Oct 23     Matthew.Tomatz@colorado.edu

Bounce Back


This group is for students on academic probation (AP), who are close to being on AP, or who are working towards reinstatement. Improve your academic skills and rebuild your confidence while connecting with others in the same boat. Learn about time management, study skills, and how to deal with procrastination.


For dates, as well as more information about signing up, please visit our Bounce Back page.

"Like" Yourself


Join us for this workshop series to learn how to build up your self-esteem, be more authentic, and develop a better relationship with yourself. Through skill building and interactive exercises, you will learn how to improve your confidence, reach your personal goals, and enhance your relationships. This group meets once a week for 8 weeks, attendance to all 8 weeks is required. Advanced registration required; please fill out this survey to sign up.

Wednesdays      4-5:15 PM            Begins Sept 25   Andrea.Iglesias@colorado.edu


If you are unable to commit to 8 weeks of attendance, we are also offering a 2-part version of this group. Please fill out the survey above and select "I am interested in the 2-part version". We will contact you about dates and times of this workshop.

Dissertation Working Group


This is an on-going, drop-in group for graduate students who have passed their comprehensive exams and are engaged in any part of the dissertation process. It is a supportive place to set and achieve goals that will move you concretely toward the completion of your dissertation.

This is an ongoing group, there is no start and stop dates.

Tuesdays             1 - 3:00 PM          On-going             Glenda.Russell@colorado.edu   C4C S435

Master's Thesis Working Group


Modeled after the successful Dissertation Working Group, the Master's Thesis Working Group will serve as a drop-in resource for graduate students from any discipline who are working on any aspect of thesis preparation. The group will be very task-forced and the atmosphere will be very friendly. Drop in and see for yourself.

This is an ongoing group, there is no start and stop dates.

Tuesdays             11 AM - 12 PM   On-going             Glenda.Russell@colorado.edu   C4C S440

Getting off to a Smart Start in Graduate School


This workshop series is designed to help Master's students develop concrete skills early in their graduate career related to balancing work and play/family life, time management, and test-taking. We will also hone skills in research and reviewing literature, assembling a way to keep track of what you read, and writing. Get off to a good start - even if you started a while ago! This drop-in group meets once a week for 5 weeks. For weekly topics, visit us at http://ucblibraries.colorado.edu/reference/smartstartgrad.pdf

Wednesdays      1 - 2:30 PM          Begins Sept 25   Glenda.Russell@colorado.edu (CAPS)

Megan.Bresnahan@colorado.edu (Univ Libraries)            C4C S484

Support Groups


These groups provide space for mutual support, sharing of ideas, and personal growth for those who share the same or similar struggle and goal.



Oasis invites you to join our community circle. We use the traditional South American beverage maté to create a simple social ritual that helps us develop dynamic community and conversation. Join this inclusive community for connection, encouragement, and support in sobriety. Please visit our Oasis Page for more information.



GradSpeak is a topical, monthly, drop-in brown bag for CU graduate students to discuss issues relevant to them, such as stress, balance, relationships, etc. This group meets the 2nd Thursday of each month, with topics varying month to month. Be on the lookout for monthly articles! Facilitator Julie.Yun@colorado.edu

Sept 12                 12 - 1:00 PM       UMC 353

Oct 10   12 - 1:00 PM       UMC 353

Nov 14 12 - 1:00 PM       UMC 353

Dec 12   12 - 1:00 PM       UMC 353

Implicit Attitudes Working Group


This group is for any member of the University community who is interested in meeting with others to explore applications of the implicit attitudes model at any of its levels (individual, interpersonal, institutional, or cultural) to any aspect of life at CU Boulder. We will read one article between meetings, but the emphasis will be on practice - how we can apply the model to our work and lives here on campus. This group meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Facilitators Glenda.Russell@colorado.edu & Andrea.Iglesias@colorado.edu

Sept 11                 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM       C4C S440

Oct 9      11:30 AM - 12:30 PM       C4C S440

Nov 13 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM       C4C S440

Dec 11   11:30 AM - 12:30 PM       C4C S440



Tap into the amazing strength, resiliency and wisdom of other Latina/Chicana women and together let's learn how to navigate some of our everyday challenges while also celebrating the beauty of our culture. Co-sponsored by SORCE.


If interested, please contact Andrea.Iglesias@colorado.edu

Wellness Groups


These groups focus on integrating physical wellness, emotional wellness, and spiritual wellness. These groups are all drop-in, open to students, faculty and staff.

Tai Chi


This drop-in group will utilize Tai Chi exercises as a way to release stress and increase a sense of calmness in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Group is intented to facilitate phsyical and psychological wellness, and will increase awareness of how stress impacts one's daily life, health and emotional well-being. Facilitator Franklin.Kim@colorado.edu.

Mondays             12 - 1:00 PM       Aug 26 thru Dec 16

*No group on Sept 2      C4C S440

Feel Good Fridays


Need a break? Want to unwind before the weekend? This drop-in group is an opportunity to be led through a powerful guided meditation to undo your stress, sooth your nervous system, and feel good. Please arrive on time so the meditation is not disturbed. There will be no late admittance. Facilitator Matthew.Tomatz@colorado.edu.

Fridays 12:10 - 12:40 PM               Aug 30 thru Dec 13          C4C Abrams Lounge

Breakaway – Mindful Movement for Stress Release


CAPS, in collaboration with CU’s Recreation Center, is offering four FREE classes on reducing stress and anxiety through fitness. Come learn how stress affects your body, as well as effective ways to reduce stress, while moving your body with one of our Rec Center’s instructors. Facilitator: Dorothy.Moon@colorado.edu.

Wed, Sept 25     2 PM      Yoga      C4C S350

Thurs, Oct 24      1:30 PM                Zumba Rec Center

Thurs, Nov 14    11:30 AM             Pilates   C4C S350

Process Groups


These groups focus on exploring interpersonal relationships and how to affect change in those relationships.

Men's Group


Connect with other men to gain the support and inspiration you need. We explore all the things we face as men, including: relationships, social dynamics, troublesome behaviors, hopes and dreams, work and life direction, and masculinity in general. Advanced registration is required; please fill out this survey to sign up.


Listen to this podcast to find out more information about this group.

Wednesdays      3 - 4:30 PM          Begins Sept 25   Matthew.Tomatz@colorado.edu

Women's Group


This group is for undergraduate women who want to focus on interesting self-awareness and examining how patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving are influencing their relationships with others. Advanced registration is required; please fill out this survey to sign up.

Fridays 10:30 AM - 12 PM             Begins Sept 26   Dina.Kriakova@colorado.edu