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What is Oasis?

Oasis is a community of students interested in or pursuing a sober lifestyle. Anyone who is cultivating, considering, or committed to a sober lifestyle is welcome to attend. Students who are simply curious or interested in exploring sobriety are also highly encouraged to attend.

Oasis students meet weekly during the academic year. Many students find the weekly Oasis community circle to be a place of comfort and connection. We kick off the conversation with a discussion topic, but individual members are free to discuss any and all things which are important. Our discussions are often light-hearted, but they also go as deep as individuals need them to go. Most all of the students who regularly attend are trying to figure out life and who they are, and they aren’t afraid of saying as much in Oasis.

The rich interactions in the community circle often become the basis for forming meaningful friendships. Oasis students have found friends with whom they can have important talks with, share support, and they regularly enjoy getting together to have fun outside of the community circle. We believe this is because Oasis is a place of honesty, open-mindedness and connection.

It is also important to mention that while the Oasis community circle is a support community for those interested in sobriety, its meetings are run quite differently from many other recovery or sobriety meetings.  Oasis membership is open to anyone interested in the path of sobriety. Many students attend because they are pursuing sobriety as a lifestyle choice, not necessarily because they are in recovery from addiction. Some consider Oasis to be a helpful alternative to 12-step recovery groups, and many who participate in a 12-step recovery program also attend Oasis as an additional resource. The Oasis community circles are based around a social ritual that supports meaningful interactions among members. We believe this open style of communication and connection is an important aspect of our community.

Some Special Things

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Live Free Weekend: Living alcohol, marijuana, drug-free - September 25th - 29th. Click the link below for more details:

Get Connected

For more informaiton or to request to be added to the Oasis listserv , contact Matthew Tomatz, matthew.tomatz@colorado.edu, (303) 492-1397.