Live Free Weekend

96 hour sobriety challenge - can you do it?

Counseling and Psychological Services invites you to participate in the 96-hour Live Free Weekend: Sobriety Challenge or Binge-Free Agreement.

Noon Thursday – Noon Monday
September 24-28, 2015

Presented by:

The University of Colorado Boulder Counseling and Psychological Services

CU Sponsors:

Housing and Dining Services, Recreation Center, Volunteer Resource CenterCollegiate Recovery Center, Sober Social Club, Residence Hall Association, GLBTQRCOffice of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Community Health, Student Government, Student Veterans AssociationPanhellenic Council, The Brown Family, UMC Connection, CU International Film Series

CHIP holding the Live Free Weekend flyerWhat is the Live Free Weekend?

The Live Free Weekend is a chance for you to live your life free from the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or recreational drugs. It offers us a chance to step back and look at how our attitudes about alcohol and drugs affect our day-to-day lives. It is also an opportunity for those living a sober lifestyle to affirm their choice and feel supported by the CU community.

To participate, you accept the challenge of no drinking and no recreational drug use for 96 hours. If abstinence is not your goal, we still hope you participate by signing the binge-free agreement; electing not to binge drink while abstaining from recreational drug use.

Join us, clear your head, and connect with your friends in new ways: Events.  Let’s create a community that fosters well-being and connection.

Click here to find out more information about the Live Free Weekend and how to do it.

Take the Live Free Pledge!

For those who elect to take the challenge and live alcohol, marijuana and recreational drug free for 96 straight hours. Or, if you are already living a sober lifestyle, select this option to affirm your choice.

Click here to take the Pledge as an Individual

Click here to take Pledge as a Group

Sign the Binge-Free Agreement

Agree to be binge-free while abstaining from recreational drug use. Binge drinking means heavy use of alcohol over a short period of time.  Be binge-free by drinking four (4) or fewer drinks a day. Of course, it is illegal for anyone under 21 years of age to consume alcohol.

Click here to sign Agreement as an Individual

Click here to sign the Agreement as a Group


Events coming soon. Please check back for more information. In the meantime, click here to view our full last years's list of events.

If you or your organization would like to plan an event and have it listed on this webpage, please contact Matthew Tomatz (; 303-709-5525).

Join these groups that have already
taken the Live Free Challenge

Join these groups that have already
signed the Binge-Free Agreement

Check back soon for updates

Check back soon for updates

If you feel you need help with issues of substance abuse, please contact Counseling and Psychological Services: 303-492-6766, or come to the center for a free, no-appointment counseling session.

If you use alcohol or drugs heavily, consult a medical provider before taking the challenge.

To take a brief Alcohol Abuse Screening, please follow the link below and select "Alcohol" from the right drop-down menu: