Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services, Inc.

We welcome all UCB students to utilize our services. We invite faculty, staff, administrators, and parents to consult with us about any student of concern.

Our Staff

Our Staff includes licensed professional counselors, licensed social workers, certified addiction counselors, and licensed psychologists as well as other professionals committed to offering quality services. See our Staff Profiles page for more information about each member of our diverse, professional staff.

Our Vision

Counseling and Psychological Services provides prevention services to reach out the entire campus and direct intervention services to address students' individual and group concerns. Visit our Campus Community page for more info.

Our Mission

CAPS builds a foundation for student success and community well-being through culturally competent counseling, outreach, and prevention services.

Commitment to Social Justice and Multiculturalism

CAPS is strongly committed to social justice. We integrate social justice and multiculturalism into all aspects of our operations and services including our individual and group services, our outreach and programming, training, organizational practices, and our work with campus partners, the campus community, and the community at large.

Our Philosophy

The mission of Student Affairs is to empower student success. Our goal at CAPS is to enhance the success of all students at the University of Colorado at Boulder. We do that by the twin objectives of:

  • Providing psychological help for students when problems occur and
  • Working with all parts of the campus to build a community that actively promotes the well-being and competence of all its members.

These objectives mean that we at CAPS are interested in how all individuals and all groups at CU are doing. That means you!

Because we care staff photo