CU Committee On Personal Safety


1995-96 Annual Report


COPS met at least on a monthly basis throughout the 1995 - 96 academic year. COPS members represented the following University departments: University Police, Victim's Assistance, COURAGE (CU Rape And Gender Education program), Women's Resource Center, CU's Parents Association, Student Conduct, Greek Liaison, Staff Council, Wardenburg Student Health, Housing/Residence Life, , Facilities Management, Undergraduate Academic Affairs, UCSU, NightWalk/Night Ride.


The mission of COPS is three fold:

1). To increase campus awareness of safety issues.

2). To promote strategies to help CU become a safer place to go to school, live and work.

3). To respond to specific safety concerns brought to the committee by community members.

III. 1995-96 Activities Supporting The Mission Of Cops

A. Increased Awareness

1. Safety Information Sessions at all Arts and Sciences Summer Orientations

2. Safety Booth at Wardenburg Student Health Fairs

3. Safe Spring Break Campaign

4. Campus/Boulder Safety Resource Card

5. Monthly meetings discussing concerns on campus and the community.

B. Promotion of Safety Strategies

1. Solicited funds from the Parents Association and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs to support the COPS Safe Spring Break Campaign.

2. Safety Bulletin Board in the UMC.

3. Seasonal Campus Safety Walks to assess lighting and climate on campus at night.

4. COPS solicited funds from the CU Parents Association which annually sponsors the purchase of safety whistles which are distributed by COPS and CUPD.

C. Addressing Specific Safety Concerns

1. Night safety walk with residence hall students identified a spot near the Kittredge Residence Halls that students felt was too dark. COPS solicited funds from the Parents Association which provided funding for the purchase of a new light fixture.

2. Created Safe Spring Break Post Card encouraging students to use caution while away from campus.

3. Support of CUPD's assumption of the role of the Night Walk/Night Ride program when the program faltered just before the spring finals period. Supported CUPD's proposal to UCSU to look at safety issues related to the use of volunteers to staff Night Walk/Night Ride.

COPS met with CUPD and also with Dean of Students Ron Stump to discuss concerns with the campus Night Ride/Night Walk program.


A. Second Annual Safe Spring Break Campaign.

In the Spring of 1994, CU student Amanda McDonald was killed in a car accident in Boulder at the beginning of the Spring Break period. The following spring break COPS instituted it's Safe Spring Break campaign. The Committee continued its commitment this past spring to heighten awareness in regards to some safety issues that seem even more pertinent during the Spring Break time. Specifically, COPS focused on alcohol use and highway safety.

COPS distributed a Spring Break Post Card, designed by Karen Schuster of Wardenburg Student Health, to all residence hall students and students living in fraternities and sororities. The post card's theme was "Give Yourself A Break... But Make It A Safe One." (The theme was an idea of a CU Parent.) COPS collaborated with the CU Bookstore which agreed to allow the post card to be used as a 10% discount coupon.

CUPD arranged with the Colorado State Patrol to have two exhibits brought to campus just before the spring break period. The first exhibit was a car that had been involved in a serious accident. The exhibit emphasized highway safety and the need to use safety belts. The second exhibit was a seat belt simulator. Students could allow themselves to be strapped into a device that simulated how it would feel to be involved in a low mile per hour auto accident. The exhibits, situated in the UMC fountain area, attracted many students, especially during class change times.

COPS set up an information table near the car exhibits and distributed information on safety programs on campus including date/acquaintance rape, drug/alcohol use and abuse, assault, theft, self defense information and campus resource cards. COPS also distributed campus safety whistles.

Given the success of the project, COPS is likely to continue to work to raise safety awareness during the Spring Break period.

B. Alcohol Use and Ways Students Get Hurt

Highlight Orientation Safety Sessions.

COPS once again presented at 17 Freshman Orientation Safety Sessions. The sessions are designed to highlight safety issues on campus. The presentations also emphasize the concerns of alcohol use and abuse on campus. This year CUPD provided student employees who performed a skit focusing on the impact of alcohol on the CU community over the last four years. A CUPD detective provided attendees with information on how students are most likely to get hurt during their stay at CU. A CU Parents Association representative was on hand at every session to give a parent's perspective on campus safety issues.

C. Alcohol Awareness Bulletin Board During New Student Welcome Week

COPS, working with Wardenburg graphic artist Karen Schuster, developed an alcohol awareness bulletin board that was placed in the UMC during August. The board utilized local newspaper headlines relating to students and the impact of alcohol student lives. The bulletin board then listed campus resources available to students who have questions about alcohol.

V. Conclusion

COPS recognizes that the nature of the University of Colorado's community is a state of constant influx of new members. The process of educating students, parents, faculty and staff about safety concerns is ongoing. Issues that may be redundant for upper-class men and women are new to incoming first year and transfer students as well as to new faculty and staff. The Committee serves in an advisory capacity, helping to ensure that safety information is available to the campus community. The committee solicits support - financial and moral - from numerous areas on campus. It is our hope that other members of the CU Community will continue to support the efforts of the Committee On Personal Safety.

Special thanks go to:

CUPD for their incredible support of safety projects on campus. They consistently provide people, funding and other resources to support the committee's efforts. Specific thanks go to Captain Dave Evans, Detective Paul Epp , Detective Tom Madrid, Lisa Selleck, Brannon Winn and Ashley Garrett.

The Office of Victim Assistance who served on every COPS project and helped to fund advertising for the Safe Spring Break campaign. Specifically thanks to Amy Robertson and Rebecca Brown.

The CU Parent's Association for their time and moral/financial support. In particular COPS thanks Linda Cook, Sara Borst and Joan Wheeler.

Dave Wergin from Facilities Management who helped to coordinate the installation of the new light fixture near Kittredge and his interactions with the CU Bookstore on the committee's behalf.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Jean Kim for her help in funding advertising for the Safe Spring Break Campaign and her role in keeping alcohol use and abuse on the CU campus as a topic of discussion and change.

John Crittenden in the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Office for his assistance in maintaining the committee's budget accounts.

Karen Schuster, Wardenburg Student Health Community Services Graphics Artist, who devoted time to create the Safe Spring Break Post Card and the Welcome Week Alcohol Awareness bulletin board.

And Rebecca Carlson, Director of Wardenburg Community Health, who provides the time for Karen to work on COPS programs.

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