Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA) oversees the post-award financial administration of sponsored research for the University of Colorado Boulder, directly managing accounts for Restricted Funds 30 and 31.

This includes the following key focus areas: 

  • Grant Accountants - Ensure proper management of restricted Funds 30/31 through cash management, provide financial oversight and assistance to departments, coordinate financial closeouts in conjunction with the Closeout team, prepare financial reports, and work directly with Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) to coordinate information for relinquishment of awards
  • Setup & Closeout - Set up projects in the Finance System in a timely manner, and manage financial close upon project completion
  • Invoicing and Cash Management - Invoice agencies for sponsored projects that are not set up on Letters of Credit or auto-payments; manage cash receipts, and post payments to appropriate projects
  • Sponsored Projects Accounting Financial Compliance - Review Cost Transfers/journal entries (JEs) and Payroll Expense Transfers (PETs) for secondary approvals, as well as review PO Requisitions, Cost Share, and Participant Support for compliance; help promote CU-Boulder's compliance with federal, state and private fiscal and reporting guidelines, university policies and procedures, and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles


Our Administration

Leila McCamey, Deputy Controller - 303.492.0794

James Lei, CPA, Assistant Director Sponsored Projects Accounting - 303.735.6435