Your Brain Needs Music - Call for Papers


Sound healing practices require healing sounds. In their 2011 book Healing at the Speed of Sound, Don Campbell and Alex Doman tell us in clear terms, backed up with copious scientific evidence, what most engaged listeners and professional musicians have understood for centuries--namely that the soundscapes around us affect all humans deeply and fundamentally, physically and emotionally for good and ill, moment to moment, day to day, year to year.
The title & theme of the 7th Triennial Susan Porter Symposium--now become the Porter-Campbell Symposium in honor of the late Don Campbell's work--is Your Brain Needs Music! With this announcement we invite the submission of paper proposals, panel discussion topics, poster displays, and participatory musical activities that will appeal to a general audience for a three-day gathering at--University of Colorado Boulder, College of Music, Oct. 4 - 6, 2013.
Contributions are sought from a broad range of disciplines and individuals: musicologists, educators, audiologists, music therapists, sound healers, neurologists, acousticians, and others whose personal or professional concerns have to do music, how the brain processes sound, or how the nature of sonic environments impacts the listening experience. Since we envision a seminar attractive to the wider public, priority will be given to presenters whose abstracts show a clear ability to speak compellingly to the largest possible non-academic audience about these provocative topics.
All proposals and abstracts must be limited to 750 words and submitted either in hard copy or e-mail attachment in two versions, one "blind" and the other with name and contact information of the principal presenter at the bottom of the page. Any audio-visual needs should also be noted. Individual paper presentations will be strictly limited to 30 minutes, and panels to 90 minutes (regardless of the number of presenters). The deadline for submission of abstracts is Oct. 15, 2012. 
Kindly direct all questions and submissions to:
Eric Hansen, Conference Coordinator
College of Music, 301 UCB
Attn: Porter-Campbell Symposium 


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