Telecom Program's Ken Krechmer wins a global prize

Ken Krechmer

Ken Krechmer, a lecturer with CU-Boulder's Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program, was awarded first prize in a global challenge for his paper on Cloud Computing Standardization. The prize, worth $20,000, was presented Oct. 5 by the International Electrotechnical Commission and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

The IEC is the premier electrotechnology standards body in the world, while the IEEE is the world’s largest technical organization with over 400,000 members globally. 

Krechmer's paper addressed how cloud computing promises to dramatically simplify the development and deployment of new economic, social and environmental applications, which represent very large commercial opportunities. 

Standardization of the cloud computing building blocks and interfaces is vital to establishing multi-national markets and to balance the vendor's desire for commercial gain with the public's desire for open interfaces. Krechmer’s paper develops how the standards for these building blocks and interfaces may be designed to maximize both goals.

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