System-wide Coursera contract extends MOOC opportunities

In February, CU-Boulder signed a contract with Coursera to pilot four open-access MOOCs in the fall. This Coursera contract offering was specific to American Association of Universities (AAU) institutions. Since that time, Coursera has developed another type of contract specific to multi-campus university systems.  This contract provides all CU faculty access to the Coursera platform, subject to campus specific policies and procedures. Faculty on each campus will review this opportunity, decide whether it meets the programmatic goals of the campus, and if the campus decides to move forward, develop any necessary policies and procedures for its MOOCs.
Both agreements are non-exclusive; individual faculty members, campuses, or the university as a whole may also enter into agreements with other companies offering platforms for MOOCs, subject to guidelines and procedures established on each of the CU campuses. Neither agreement requires that CU offer MOOCs for credit. Any decision about offering coursework for credit falls under the purview of the faculty on each campus, and significant issues would need to be resolved before CU could offer any open-access course for credit. The system contract also allows faculty members at any campus, subject to campus guidelines, to access MOOCs created by other universities to supplement their own courses.
Campus discussions regarding the Coursera contracts will continue this fall. If you have questions or concerns before then, please contact the Division of Academic Affairs.
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