Smokers' Quit Group (Smoking Cessation Support Group)

No smoking

Wednesdays, beginning Feb. 27, 2013 
12 - 1:30 p.m.
UMC 353, Third floor 

Facilitators: Janeen Haller-Abernethy and Heather Cook, Faculty and Staff Assistance Program Staff Counselors 

Group counseling focused on building motivation and behavior change has been proven successful in supporting the smoker who is trying to quit or who is actively quitting. Have you picked a ‘quit date’? In need of support while you quit ‘cold turkey’ or with the help of medications or quit aids? Join FSAP staff and other quitters for a weekly Quit Group. This program is open to CU-Boulder employees and meets every Wednesday at the UMC over lunch. 

Janeen Haller-Abernethy is a graduate-level social worker focusing on behavior change to support healthier lifestyles. She has worked as a Wellness Coach focusing on client change to impact weight, physical health, stress management, and a more active lifestyle. As a social worker, Janeen has worked with children, older adults, adult men and women, and victims of abuse. Her work with the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program at CU-Boulder has focused on behavior changes that create healthier lifestyles as well as stress reduction in relationships and in the workplace. 

Heather Cook is a counseling trainee with the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program. Heather's background is in public health research and programs. She enjoys supporting individuals in connecting to their innate resources as they overcome life's challenges.

Please email or call 303-492-3020 to register. 


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