Romantic couples wanted for neuroscience study, $12-24/hour per partner

CU-Boulder researchers seek heterosexual romantic couples 18-55 years old with no neurological impairment, no current or past major psychiatric disorder, and no metal implants/pacemakers for laboratory and brain imaging (fMRI) studies to assess the effects of social support on pain processing. We use heat, similar to holding a cup of hot coffee. $12-24/hour per partner! Please contact us (both partners, or send your partner’s e-mail so that we can reach him/her) in case you both would like to participate.

The goals of the novel study are (i) to study the neural basis underlying the positive effects of social support (hand-holding during pain by the romantic partner), in modifying the experience of pain; (ii) to address the subjective and neural effects of associating pain with a positive affective meaning. Specifically, we will address whether the decision of being voluntarily exposed to pain so that our romantic partner is directly alleviated from it, would be associated with an overall positive experience during pain and to less unpleasantness while receiving the painful stimuli; (iii) to address the neural effects of observing the romantic partner in pain (emotional empathy) while not being able to help relieve it.

Contact: Marina Lopez Sola

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