Romantic couples required for a functional MRI brain study

Romantic couples wanted! CU-Boulder researchers seek heterosexual romantic couples 18-55 years old with no neurological impairment, no current or past major psychiatric disorder, and no metal implants/pacemakers for laboratory and brain imaging (fMRI) studies to assess the effects of social support on pain processing. We use heat, similar to holding a cup of hot coffee. $12-24/hour per partner. Please contact us (both partners, or send your partner’s e-mail so that we can reach him/her) in case you both would like to participate.

We invite you and your romantic partner to participate in a project that will help us gain a better understanding of the effects of social support, attachment and empathy on pain perception. You are being asked to participate in this study because you are an adult aged 18-55 with no pain conditions. We believe your participation may help us understand whether and how different conditions related to social support and affective empathy may modulate pain perception and the neural responses associated with it.

In this case, you will be exposed to pain (always within the tolerable and not-harmful range) under a number of circumstances, i.e., while receiving support either from your romantic partner or from the experimenter (holding his hand while you are experiencing pain), while having the opportunity of alleviating your partner’s pain by deciding to take part of his pain yourself or when observing your partner while in pain. During the experiment we will be acquiring brain images in real time so that we can assess your neural responses during the experimental conditions.

It is entirely your choice whether or not to participate in this study. A total of 30 couples will be invited to participate in this research study.

Contact: Marina Lopez Sola

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