At times, being a student is an overwhelming experience. Classes, work, studying, and relationships take their toll on your energy and on your desire to see things through. If this happens to you, there are resources on campus to help you make a reasonable decision and consider your options. Academic advisors are trained not only to think about your academic program, but they can suggest other resources for help as well. Counseling and Psychological Services and the Wardenburg Health Center Psychological Health and Psychiatry Clinic are additional resources to help you think through choices. If you live in a residence hall, the staff there are good at listening and helping you identify alternatives. The most important thing to remember is to explore your situation with someone on campus such as your academic advisor—a little talking can sometimes make a big difference, and it certainly never hurts to get another perspective on the situation.

You may take a leave of absence from the university for up to four semesters, including summer, and return without needing to readmit through admissions. While on leave, you can purchase a package of services to use through the StayConnected program. These services include Wardenburg Student Health Insurance, access to the Recreation Center, early application for scholarships, etc. There are no qualifications for the program. Additional information and StayConnected applications can be found on the registrar’s website or picked up from the Office of the Register. 

If you have registered for classes but plan to leave school before completing the semester (or if you have registered but do not plan on attending classes after all), you must formally withdraw through the Office of the Registrar. Withdrawal procedures and refund deadlines are posted on the registrar’s website. For more information and to use LiveChat, visit the registrar’s website.  registrar.colorado.edu  |  Regent Administrative Center 105  |  303-492-6970

Students needing to withdraw from continuing education courses should call 303-492-5148 or stop by the continuing education office at 1505 University Avenue for more information. NOTE: You may be required to repay some of your financial aid if you withdraw. For more information, visit www.colorado.edu/finaid/withdrawing.html.

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