The Laws of the Regents and Colorado Revised Statute 18-12-105.5 make it unlawful to carry weapons while on the grounds of the University of Colorado. Those who are age 21 and over and possess a valid concealed carry weapons permit (CCW) may have concealed weapons on campus. This is in accord with a March 2012 Colorado Supreme Court ruling.

The CU Board of Regents policy prevents the open display of weapons, including guns, explosives and knives on campus. Only law enforcement officials who display their badges are allowed to openly display weapons while on campus. Under concealed carry, anyone with a permit may carry a concealed handgun on campus generally and into CU buildings, with the exception of Folsom Field and any other ticketed public performance venue. The purchase of a ticket to a CU public performance constitutes an agreement with the university to not carry a concealed weapon, even as a CCW permit holder, into the venue.

Furthermore, University of Colorado Boulder housing regulations do not permit the storing of weapons in residence halls. As a convenience, the University Police Department provides weapons storage facilities with 24-hour access for university-housed students.

In addition to possible criminal penalties, any weapons violations on or off campus may result in either suspension from, or severance of the relationship with, the university. This policy applies within or upon the grounds, buildings, or any other facilities of the university.

For more details on weapons rules for on-campus housing, please see this August 16, 2012 CU news release.

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