Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is against the law. It is specifically prohibited on campus and in the university community. The university’s definition of sexual assault encompasses sexual contact, sexual intrusion, and sexual penetration without consent. Acquaintance rape accounts for the majority of rapes committed, and includes situations in which a person is without the physical or mental capacity to consent (often due to being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs). Violators can be arrested, charged with a crime, and may face university discipline. Reporting an incident of sexual assault is a difficult yet important decision. Making a report might help with recovery, provide support and services, and prevent the offender from assaulting someone else. If safety is your primary concern, it is important to contact the University Police or call 9-1-1. If you are not sure about making a police report, you can get free, confidential information and support and discuss your options by calling the Office of Victim Assistance (303-492-8855), or Counseling and Psychological Services (303-492-6766). or

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