Nominations sought for the 2013-14 University Perspective Program

The University Perspective Program is seeking staff nominations for 2013-14. The program's purpose is to retain and continuously develop staff from all levels at the University of Colorado by providing participants with a peer network and the opportunity to have engaging and educational meetings with campus and university leadership. Participants will deepen their knowledge and understanding of CU, while gaining perspective on their work's impact on the university’s mission.

The program will begin Sept. 24, 2013 and end in April 2014. The first half of the program includes an in-depth study of the administrative structure, responsibilities, and current affairs of CU-Boulder through insightful and transparent meetings with senior leadership. During the second half, participants will broaden their understanding of the CU System, its relationship with the Board of Regents, the state and community. Participants will meet with members of President Benson's executive team and the Boulder City Manager, attend a legislative session at the State Capitol and visit with each CU System campus. Throughout the program, guest speakers often share their personal experiences, thoughts on leadership and other relevant topics that enhance the overall participant experience.

The program is available to CU-Boulder and System Administration staff who have worked for CU for at least two years as a full-time employee, and who consistently exceed performance expectations as reflected on annual evaluations. Strong consideration will be given to individuals who have demonstrated leadership skills in their current job responsibilities. Each administrative area of campus is encouraged to nominate individuals for the program. The program is sponsored by the Boulder campus vice chancellors, the chancellor and System Administration.

Please submit application materials to the appropriate administrative office (vice chancellor, chancellor, or System Administration) by Aug. 22, 2013. Applications will be reviewed at the appropriate administrative level, and final selections forwarded to the Office of Organizational and Employee Development. The program coordinator will contact applicants in early September.

For questions, please contact the Office of Organizational and Employee Development at 303-492-8103 or the program coordinator, Megan Bohn, at 303-735-5831. 

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