Managing work relationships: Help for Faculty

Are you experiencing a conflict with a colleague? Is it causing stress in your professional life or taking a toll on your personal life? Have you been bullied or in some other way made to feel that you’re not being treated appropriately by a colleague? Do you dread coming to work for fear of confrontation?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, Faculty Relations stands ready to help you.

John Frazee, the Director of Faculty Relations, has served as a professor, department chair, dean, and academic vice president in several colleges and universities over his 30-year career. He draws upon this experience to help faculty members and graduate students on appointment address problems in their work life. John offers consultation, mediation, and professional development services to faculty members and graduate students on appointment. He can also serve simply as a sounding board, helping you sort out your options for solving problems. John’s goal is to help ensure that your experience at the University is both productive and satisfying.

If you’d like to explore the services of Faculty Relations in more detail, call John at 303-492-0447 or e-mail him at


Contact: John Frazee

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