Leeds center to hold curriculum think tank July 25-27

The Leeds School of Business Center for Education on Social Responsibility (CESR) will host its first curriculum think tank July 25-27. Faculty from a variety of business schools will converge in Boulder for a lively roundtable discussion of best practices in curriculum design, pedagogy and approaches to teaching of ethics and social responsibility. Joining the discussion are faculty from Babson College, Colorado State University, University of Pittsburgh, Michigan State University, University of Denver, Dartmouth University, and many Leeds faculty, including Donna Sockell, Catherine Milburn, Elizabeth Stapp, Kevin McMahon, Francy Milner and Cathleen Burns.

Some of the expected outcomes include: 

  1. Weighing the benefits of an infused, cross discipline approach to versus a stand-alone course on CSR and values based curriculum.
  2. Determining how to incorporate executives into curricular development and best practices for executive outreach initiatives.
  3. Defining as a group what the goals and the function of courses in this area should have and how if at all, to incorporate experiential learning components to courses.
  4. Evaluating applied ethics versus a theoretical approach to curriculum.
  5. Planning as a group for future conferences on education on CSR, ethics, and curriculum development.

“By working with other leading programs, CESR can share our best practices and learn from others about theirs, said Sockell, CESR executive director. "By sharing best practices and developing superior curricular initiatives across the country, we can assist other universities in developing and improving their educational initiatives in this area.”

Website: http://leeds.colorado.edu/cesr#about

Contact: Colleen Seltz

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