Learn to give Dr. Bartlett's presentation on arithmetic, population and energy

Professor Emeritus Al Bartlett

The tacit assumption of unlimited growth - of Earth's human population, consumption of non-renewable resources and wealth - underlies many of the foundations of our society and economy. That same growth lies at the root of many environmental and social justice issues. So, why isn't anyone talking about it? Someone is. CU Boulder's Dr. Al Bartlett has been a pioneer in discussing exponential growth and what it means for our society and the Earth. He has given his presentation on exponential growth over 1,600 times, and we are hoping to extend this outreach by training you to present this information to your community. You can learn more about Dr. Bartlett's work, including the presentation, on his website.

On August 16 the Environmental Center will host a full-day training on how to give CU-Boulder Physics Professor Al Bartlett's pivotal presentation on the impacts of exponential growth. The training will cover topics such as mathematics of exponential growth, fossil fuels, climate change, and skills to present on sensitive topics. The cost for the training will be minimal, but trainees will be required to present the material three times a year. You can find all application materials and additional information on the Environmental Center website.

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