Jobs at CU email notifications

Jobs at CU

Beginning March 25, 2013, automatic email notifications will be activated in Jobs at CU. The Jobs at CU system uses email notifications to alert the appropriate user that an action in their area is moving through the online workflow. Up to this point, these email notifications have been inactivated in the new system. This is now changing. What does this mean for you?

If you have a role in Jobs at CU, including Supervisor, Department Approver or Dean/VC Approver, you may begin receiving emails about positions and postings starting on March 25. If you prefer to opt out of receiving these emails, you may do so by updating your preferences on the My Profile tab > Manage System Emails. Contact for further assistance. Please note that for the Boulder Campus all Officers, Deans, Institute Directors and Associate Deans with an HR role have already been "opted out" of the Jobs at CU email notifications.

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