Israeli Soldiers' Stories, Feb. 28

Israeli Soldiers' Stories

Two Israeli soldiers will recount their personal experiences and share insights of serving in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), on Feb. 8, in Humanities 150 at 6 p.m. Kinneret and Adam will share their backgrounds, life in Israel and answer questions. The tour is sponsored by StandWithUs, the international Israel education organization and co-sponsored by Buffed Up on Israel. Admission is free.

"Israeli Soldiers Stories” (ISS), an innovative program featuring a diverse group of reserve duty Israeli college students whose mission is to educate, inform, and delve into conversation about the Israeli-Arab conflict. Each soldier has a personal story that exposes the dilemmas of the conflict, including facing an enemy that hides behind its civilians.

They are being hosted by CU’s newest student Israel Advocacy group, Buffed Up On Israel, and supported by the Avi Chai Foundation and the Israel on Campus Coalition (ICC). 

The soldiers share experiences that are rarely heard. The CU-Boulder visit will feature:

Adam has a BA in Political Science and International Relations in The Tel Aviv Academic College. He was drafted to the IDF in 2000 and has since pursued a career in the army. Adam serves as the Head of the International Organizations and Diplomatic Missions Department. In his accomplished career, he was an officer in COGAT (an IDF unit responsible for Palestinian civilian needs) and in the civil administration. In the IDF, Adam dealt directly with Palestinian-Arab populations in the Disputed Territories, as well as with international representatives. He is an alumnus of the StandWithUs Israel Fellowship of 2010 at Tel Aviv University.

Kinneret was born and raised on Kfar Haruv, a kibbutz situated on a cliff of the Golan Heights, overlooking the Sea of Galilee ("Kinneret" in Hebrew). Kinneret served in the IDF during the Second Lebanon War in 2006 against the terror organization Hezbollah. When the war broke out she was rushed to the northern city of Zfat which was under constant rocket attack. While assisting civilians in stress, a rocket hit the place Kinneret had been standing just moments before. Kinneret, a graduate of the StandWithUs Israel Fellowship at Bar Ilan University, is finishing her B.A. in Political Communications in Tel Aviv. 

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