Innovative conference showcases future of breakthrough energy

When & where: Oct. 10-12 at Macky Auditorium Concert Hall. On the heels of a summer filled with public demonstrations in support of sustainable energy and the recent announcement that five more countries will join the United States in ending public financing for new coal-fired power plants, a non-profit group is launching a conference entirely focused on the future of energy. The Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (BEM) hosted their first conference last year in Holland, where the organization featured world-renowned speakers and scientists presenting on topics like zero-point energy, low-energy nuclear reactions, magnetics, and quantum disentanglement. GlobalBEM brings their program to the United States with the hope of igniting discussion and activism around breakthrough energy—which the group defines as an abundant energy source that produces zero emissions and is clean, safe, reliable, and affordable.

This one-of-a-kind conference will feature more than 30 notable scientists, industry insiders and creative thinkers in programming tracks focused on the science and future direction of free energy solutions. Presentations, discussion panels and video screenings will cover emerging energy technologies like zero-point, magnetic, hydro, plasma, and cold fusion low-energy nuclear reactions. Prominent speakers, such as Foster Gamble, Dr. Garret Moddel, Michael Tellinger, Richard Dolan, Mike Waters, Daniel and Erica Nunez as well as a few celebrities, are scheduled to attend. Global BEM aims to provide a place for conference attendees to formulate strategies for research sharing, prototype development, and funding of large-scale breakthrough energy products. Speakers will share resources for do-it-yourself breakthrough energy projects in an open-source format.  Single, multi-day, and student passes are available. More information.

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